Have you ever wondered where all these social media gurus come from, and what they did before reaching guru status? Truth is, for a lot of people it’s what they’ve decided to do after a weekend workshop introducing them to so-called internet marketing secrets with the promise that there’ll be lots of punters queuing up to hear their words of second hand wisdom.

For me, Kym Hall, the story is very different. I’ve already been successful in marketing of the conventional sort, dealing with clients like Mercedes, Coral Windows, and the NHS. So much so that I sold my business and then took time out to travel. Now I’m back, I’ve realised that what I love most about marketing is the opportunity to help businesses grow. Nothing beats the buzz of working with a client on a campaign that brings the work in.

I’m already hot on marketing. My track record speaks for itself. What I’ve learned – and demonstrated abundantly well with my own business – is how social marketing can be an invaluable part of how you create the future you want.

I’ll happily provide a free initial consultancy to demonstrate how applying a few simple principles can transform the results you get. That’s something you can do, though many clients are too busy to get active personally and hire me to take it on. And, on my own and sometimes with trusted associates, I deliver workshops, advise on brands, manage advertising campaigns, do strategic planning, advise on corporate image, deliver copywriting and graphic design, and arrange print jobs.
Pretty good for a Sheffield lass with a thing for globetrotting and cheese!

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