Men are a funny sort! They say us women are difficult to understand, and to some extent, I agree.

Personally I’d like to think I’m different from the average woman as I say what I mean, I don’t take things personally, you’ll never hear the words “it’s not what you said, but the way you said it” come out of my mouth and I’m not bothered if you see me without my lippy on! So, to put it simply; I am who I am with no arrogance indented but that’s just me.

So next time you think about labelling someone as a stereotype, you might want to think again. Everyone is different, hence the term ‘individual’. Everyone is different and it’s great to embrace the individuality in a person.

Why not try and make it your mission to see what’s ‘individual’ about the next person you meet and see if you were wrong to stereotype them.