It’s very rare that I find a book that makes me laugh and reminisce and cry all at once. So you can imagine my delight when I read Brad Burton’s book: GOYA2 and it exceeded all of the above.

I met Brad Burton back in 2009 at the Doncaster Business Exhibition and was immediately inspired by his drive and passion to help others. So inspired that I decided to join his networking organisation he was banting on about (4Networking /4N) there and then.

After just 6 weeks of membership it was decided that I would launch a new group to add to Brad’s plethora of 211 networking groups in the UK and thus 4N Sheffield Hillsborough group was born. Thanks to the confidence and guidance I had gained from attending other 4N groups, the Sheffield Hillsborough group went on to be one of the top 10 groups across the UK for the most attended.

Like many others I had heard Brad’s success story of how he went from a pizza delivery boy to the MD of one of the UK’s most successful networking organisations that he is today, with his ‘supportive wife’ whilst ‘aggressively waiting for the phone to ring’.  I thought I had heard all Brad had to say, however GOYA2 takes his story to another level.

Reading GOYA2 I saw another side to Brad, one that I hadn’t seen before, nor expected to see in this business self-help book. Brad is exceptionally good at being the centre of attention and a firm motivator to his followers, but reading GOYA2 I gained a deeper understanding behind the energetic force field that he is. There’s more to Brad than the super fast talker, in your face motivator persona he projects and it’s great to see him open up to his readers. I’m not going to tell you exactly what happens in this book you, you’ll have to get yourself a copy and be the judge yourself.

But what I will tell you is, you need to read this book whether you’re a member of 4N or not. This book is inspirational and will motivate you no matter what your situation is.

Enjoy.....and when you’ve read it please feel free let me know what your thoughts are. It would be great to hear what you’ve got to say.