Do you know how many businesses I come across that have advertised in the same publication for the past 20 years, simply because that is what they've always done, not sure if it is actually working for them?
67% and forever on the increase.
This is just the same as going out there buying a full wardrobe of clothes that don't fit and you are never doing to have any benefit from.

So here are my top three tips to advertising your business and making it work for you, not the other way round!

1. Look at all the advertising you are doing at the moment. Realise what is and isn't working for you. As obvious as it sounds, many businesses over look this factor and just go with what they know, not what is working for them. Don't be afraid to pull out of something because your competitors are there, how do you know it's working for them?

2. Measure all what is working for you and how. Be sure to ask your customers where they heard about your business. Many of my customers find this a little intrusive, but it's the best way of working out whether your advertising is working for you. And you'll find it's actually a great conversation starter - try it! You'll be surprised what you find out. If 8 out of 10 mention the local mag then you know it's money well spent so maybe make the ad bigger and do it more often. However if 0 out of 10 mention it, then you know you need to find another avenue to promote your self.

3. Know why you are advertising. What is your aim and who are you aiming your advertising at? If you're a small business, don't just 'put' an advert together just to get your name out there. Look at your branding and the message you are trying to get across. Always have an unbiased eye glance over the advert and ask what they think the advert says. It's so easy to get lost between the trees, unable to see the wood! You get the message.

Always think who your target market is and have them in mind when designing the advert. Think what is relevant, do they need to know how long you've been established? Should your compmay name be the first thing they read? Remember they are looking for a product or service and the name of your business isn't always that important.

HANDY HINT: When advertising in magazines and newspapers ensure to always ask for an early right hand page (ERH) Have a flick through the publication, notice the colours and branding of other businesses in this section and think what would set you apart from these other businesses? After all you are going to find yourself amonsgt them. Don't be affraid to be different