I’m a city girl, from Sheffield (UK) with a population of over 530,000 people, so you can understand when I say my initial thoughts of moving to the small country town of Narrabri filled me with dread. I had no idea what to expect and Google produced the worst images of cowboys and rundown barns.

 However I have been here for over a month now, and I’m pleased to report living in Narrabri is anything but dull. The small country town I first dreaded is nothing but an idyllic perfection, with its rolling mountain, quaint coffee shops and welcoming neighbours. As I sit here writing this letter I wonder how I’ll ever adapt living back in the big cities with the drowning noises of car horns and bright lights.

Narrabri has welcomed me with open arm, and every day I am filled with inspiration and I hope one day I will settle in a small town as beautiful as here.