Style capital of the world – Rome has always been a top priority on my ‘To Visit’ list. Packed with history, sights to see, food to eat and coffee to drink, it’s no wonder people have no clue where to start when visiting Italy’s capital.

So after my four day visit to this dream location – here is a short guide to help you if you get the chance to visit Rome.

**GOLDEN TIP No. 1 – Buy a guide book! This may sound obvious, but it is an essential to make the most out of your visit. My recommendation is the DK Eyewitness Guide to Rome and buy it in the UK. You can pick it up from most shops for under £10. However if you leave it and buy it in Rome you are looking at paying 30 Euros!**

**GOLDEN TIP No. 2 – Take plenty of water! There is the urge to pack so much in, in one day that it is easy to forget to hydrate yourself. A lack of water in the body can make you feel really tired and worse – ill**

**GOLDEN TIP No.3 – Wear comfy shoes! For the ladies there is nothing worse than sore feet. The amount of people I saw limping around the cobbled streets of Rome was just painful. It is possible to be stylish and wear flats**

Places to Visit:

1.     1. Sistine Chapel – This is a must when you visit Rome and it doesn’t fail to take your breath away. But note there are no photos at all taken in the place, so make the most of it whilst you’re there.

2.      2. St Peter’s Basilica – The view at the top is out of this world, however be warned the steps to the top are narrow and steep and it’s very easy to feel claustrophobic!

3.    3. The Colosseum – Take a tour guide, only if it’s to jump the queue! These can be found at the entrance.

4.     4. Trevi Fountain – Another spectacular sight of Rome, however best to visit at night. During the day it is very busy and over populated. Also, don’t forget to throw a coin in the fountain to guarantee your return trip back to Rome – as tradition says!

5.     5. Spanish Steps – After much research I still don’t know why they are called the Spanish Steps. However they are a must. But note that there is no eating or drinking at the steps, or the ‘Step Police’ will come and tell you off!

6.      6. Babingtons Tea Room – Situated in the Piazza di Spagna next to the Spanish Step, created in 1700’s by two English ladies to serves homesick Brits. The tea and scones here are a delight and a must.

7.      7. Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Fendi, Armani……… - Shopping in Rome is an experience out of this world. If your budgets don’t incorporate ridiculous spending, then just spend some time marvelling at the window displays – they are an art of their own.

8.     8. Lo Zodiaco Ristorante – This is a beautiful hidden gem of Rome. At Lo Zodiaco Ristorante you can eat the best food Rome has to offer including oysters and lobster whilst looking over this astonishing city by night, what more could you ask for?!

This is one of the best destinations I have ever visited in the world – and if you get the chance to go it will not fail to exceed all expectations.