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Who's your Magic Mate?

Posted by Kimberley on Sunday, February 13, 2011, In : Friends 

All of us, at some point in our life have that one friend that we connect with, there's no explaining what that something is, but you know it's something special. If you’re lucky, you’ll have that friend and have a life-long friendship with them that can’t be touched or tampered. I like to call this person the 'Magic Mate'. Your Magic Mate is there for you no matter what, you can talk about anything that is on your mind, and you have the best laughs together.

I’m thankful to say I a...

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PITSTOP! From Business Woman to Globe Trotter!

Posted by Kimberley on Saturday, December 18, 2010, In : Reflection 

When I booked this trip all the way back in July this year, I had no idea what I was letting myself in for. To be honest, and upon reflection my decision to travel was made flippantly and with very little thought. In July my decision to sell Gemini Directories was made on the Monday and then the idea was to take a long break, however by the Tuesday my trip around the world was booked and paid for. As I said, the decision was made a little hastily, but to this day I wouldn’t change it.


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