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Africa - Part2

Posted by Kimberley on Saturday, December 18, 2010, In : Travel 
Upon leaving Zambia and recruiting 5 new members to the group, making our group a lovely 17 girls in total! We head to Botswana. The heat in Botswana is immense, and I understand it’s very difficult for you to comprehend at this moment when you are sitting in England in the freezing cold (sorry to rub it in, but couldn’t resist)!

As we approach the boarder to enter Botswana we have to take a small ferry ride to cross the river. However as with most things in Africa, this is not as simple ...
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Africa - Part 1

Posted by Kimberley on Saturday, December 18, 2010, In : Travel 
What is my occupation?

My adventure from leaving the comforts of England for the interesting world of Africa….
First Stop…Kenya.

Leaving the airport was just plain awful. Saying my goodbyes, knowing I’m not going to see my friends for the next year is plain and simply…..heartbreaking. I did nothing but blubber all the way through customs, right up until boarding the airplane. Though customs I got the strangest looks from holiday makers with their straw hats on ready to take to their annu...
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