If I had asked you ten years ago to 'Facebook me' you may have thought I was being rude!!
However, in 2011 "Facebook me" is a common phrase, and in fact I heard someone say this exact phrase next to me in the Costa Coffee queue this afternoon!

My need to blog this post, is due to a disturbed rumbling that is still sitting with me after watching Social Network last night.
For those that haven't yet seen the film, Social Network is about the creator of the social media phenomenon - Facebook.
The film is put together fantastically and the portrayal of events, in my opinion, are fair and exceptionally interesting.

However this unsettling feeling I have, is more to do with the frivolousness with which this change in society was created and the affect this change is currently having on individuals and businesses.

From what I understand, Mark Zuckerberg created the social network after breaking up with his girlfriend, and the film closes with him 'stalking' her. I find this incrediably ironic and wonder if Mr Zuckerberg created Facebook with the intensions to stalk?
Did he anticipate the affect Facebook would have on society?
And I wonder how many relationship break-ups are because of Facebook?
And for that matter, relationship make-ups too?

Whether the creation of Facebook was founded with malice intentions or not, the social network has established a new way of living and a generational shift in how we communicate. The disturbing element is, in my opinion, people underestimate the impact of Facebook. For example, we are happy to volunteer personal information and without thought or care we are willing to tell the world what we are doing, when, where and who with.

Only time will tell the true power of Facebook....but in the mean time please be careful about what infomation you share, you never know who's watching!