It’s that time of year when we begin to look back, reflect and analysis the year as it begins to come to its end. We ask; where did this year go? What have I done this year? But maybe the questions we should be asking are: Have a made a difference this year? What have I learnt this year and how can I grow next year?

We do the same every New Years Eve and promise the next year will be different. However unlike millions of you out there, I never want this year to end. I stand proud and tell you this year has been my year.

I look back on bringing in 2010 with fond memories. I was with my family, in the restaurant we used to own, toasting champagne and doing the same we do every year. I remember asking myself the question we all ask...Ohh I wonder what’s in store for me this year? Having a ponder and then sipping another glass of champers! Back then I had no idea what was a head of me, and as I look back now on 2010 I can barely believe everything that has happened.

There are so many achievements I have accomplished this year including the launch of a new magazine that has rocked Sheffield, ran my first half marathon, became a networking queen, sold my much loved publishing business and I have travelled to places I never dreamt I’d see. I know there are not many people that will have had a greater year than I. I have been so lucky and believe me I am grateful for all I have done.

As I toast another glass of champers to the end of 2010, standing on the Sydney Harbor Bridge I will praise thanks to the wonderful and inspirational people I have met this year. With or without intention each one of them has helped me to reach my goal and be the person I always wanted to be.

As I watch the fireworks light up the sky at the stroke of midnight I will inevitably question what 2011 has in store for me...but who knows? All I do know is that my destiny is in the hands of fate. Through my experiences of 2010 I have learnt to embrace the change we have little say in and rejoice with whatever hand I am dealt.

Have a wonderful 2011 everyone, thank you for being my inspiration and I hope this coming year is your year.