Back in 2009 when I first met Darren Crookes (SERIOUS Herbalife enthusiast!) I thought the same that you lot are thinking right now.......blah, blah, blah.....Herbalife! I suppose it was really because I had no understanding of Herbalife, and to be honest I had no interest in it either, until I signed up to run my first ½ marathon early 2010.

I met with Darren to see how Herbalife could help me from a nutritional angle. After all, I was a busy business woman with little time to sleep, never mind eat. So I agreed to try ‘this Herbalife thingy just to make sure I was getting the nutrients my body needed to complete this ½ marathon.


What I didn’t bargain for was the positive impact Herbalife would have on my life. During my time taking Herbalife I smashed my ½ marathon target and I also gained the self-confidence to take my business from the steady level it was treading and drove it up several steps. How did it do this?

Well, from taking the products and sticking to the programme Darren had advised, I lost a fair bit of weight, had so much energy that I was able to get so much more out of my day(*) and best off all I felt good about myself again, which in turn gave me the confidence to follow my dream.

People would often snigger and jeer when I said “Herbalife changed my life”, but as I sit here writing this blog, overlooking the scenic views of Narrabri (Australia) bounding with energy, a positive ‘can-do’ attitude and loving every day of my life, I don’t hear people laughing anymore.

So if you’re interested in benefiting from the above get in touch with myself or Darren and who knows where Herbalife could take you.

(*) Typical Day on Herbalife
5am – 7am - Running (average 10 miles per session)
8am – 10am – Networking meetings
10am – 11pm – Working in the office
12pm – 4.30am - Sleep