Recent events in the world of social media have again affected my thoughts and my feelings this morning.

Intrigued by the new Twitter trending topic: #AlicesBucketlist I checked out the website of this young lady. My honest thoughts before I clicked through to this site were that the site would be flashy, and quite frankly, if I’m completely honest - a PR stunt. However it was a humbling surprise to see that the story of Alice and her bucket list is a genuine account of a brave and beautiful 15 year old girl who is suffering with terminal cancer.

The strength of this young lady is astonishing and extremely inspiring; however what surprised me the most is how simple some of the items are on Alice’s bucket list. For example one of the items is ‘to stay in a caravan’.

Sitting and reflecting upon this young lady’s life has made me realise what we take for granted. Alice’s story is a beautiful reminder to live life to the full as you never know what is around the corner. I am fortunate enough to say that the majority of my bucket list is complete. There are still a few things on the list I am yet to complete, and thanks to Alice I am inspired to keep striving to complete them and ever more determined to fulfil my dreams.

What’s on your bucket list?

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