It had been a long, hot, glorious day, and now it was time for Katie to prepare for late evening meeting.

“Gosh, I wish everyday could be this good” Katie mumbled to herself as she poured a large glass of favorite white wine. Katie sat on the edge of her bed, putting on her make-up and pondered what was going to happen at the meeting tonight. “Will I get what I want? Or will they decide against what I was proposing?”
Before she knew it time had escaped her as usual, “Shit, I’m late.” She said, jumping up off the bed. With her long black hair still slightly damp, she grabbed her keys off the cabinet and dashed out of her hotel room. She jumped into the best form of transport on the island, known as a mule which resembles something similar to a golf cart, turned up the radio and headed down to Firefly Hotel.

Pulling up outside, she dashed into the restaurant of the hotel.” I’m here!” Making an entrance as usual, Katie sat herself down in the middle of her guests. The group of four professionally suited and booted gentlemen attending the meeting were her lawyer Marcus Frank, Byron Schneider the group’s negotiator and Philip Keane the owner of Mustique Island.

“Right, boys, where are we at with developing my plans?” She said a little bolshie, but Katie knew what she wanted; and she had worked too hard to get to this point and for her dreams not to be made a reality.

“Katie, we are very excited about this venture you want to bring to Mustique however there are concerns that this will affect the exclusivity of the island. If you build this academy, he is worried that every Tom, Dick and Harry will be here, and you know that isn’t what Mustique is about.” Said Byron, getting straight to the point.

“Er..” Interrupted Katie.

“Hang on Katie, let me finish” continued Byron. “I’m here as the negotiator, remember and I know this isn’t what you wanted to hear. But…whilst we were waiting for you to arrive, we came up with an alternative.”“Okay….I’m listening” Continued Katie.

“Well, there is a private island just off the coast of Macaroni Beach, as you know, and for now, still currently unoccupied. What I’m proposing is that you buy this island to build the Business Academy…and…you will also live on the island and have it as your own.” Byron finished his sentence with a nervous smile, anxiously waiting for Katie’s reaction. He knew she wouldn’t have anticipated this, and wasn’t sure how she was going to take it.

“Wait a minute” replied Katie, “Let me get this right. You’re objecting to me bringing the Business Academy to Mustique, but you want me to buy my own island?”
“Well…..” Byron answered seriously worried.

“I love it” Interrupted Katie “But hold on, how much is this going to cost me?”>“Katie, I know how much you love this island and what you are trying to do for the locals” Answered Philip “And as a favor I am offering it at 10 million pounds, but I’m willing to restore the island so it’s habitable for you, and the students. At this point I can’t be fairer than that.”

Katie knew Philip was being genuine, and it was a fair deal. With no hesitation she agreed to take the deal. Leaving her lawyer to finalise all the paperwork and legal documentation she headed out of the hotel, ready to finish her bottle of Gavi de Gavi waiting for her in the fridge.

Jumping into the mule, beaming with excitement and anticipation she didn’t notice the oncoming mule coming up the road. Before she knew it and had any time to hesitate………BANG! The mule’s collided.

“What on earth?” Questioned Katie as she jumped out of her mule.

“Oh my Goodness, I’m so sorry….are you okay?” Asked Joshua, the driver of the muse that Katie had just collided with.

A little stunned, and slightly overwhelmed “Yeah, I think so” answered Katie.

“Seriously, I just didn’t see you and before I knew it, there you were, you sure you’re okay?”

“I think so, just a little shocked.” Said Katie.

“Listen, let me take you for a drink to apologise” Said Joshua. He didn’t know Katie, however felt an overwhelming warmth towards her in the few seconds he had set sight on her.

“Okay….why not?” Said Katie, despite knowing her favorite wine was waiting for her, she couldn’t refuse a harmless drink with the handsome gentleman that stood before her.

The evening continued with the two giggling and finding out the pair had more in common than they could have imagined. Joshua was a successful songwriter based in Sheffield. He had written several international hits for various artists. Joshua was a shy man, with old fashioned values making him a true gentleman. Katie was a successful publisher, producing several magazines across the UK. Katie also came from Sheffield. Katie and Joshua hadn’t had the best upbringing and were from broken families, brought up on separate council estates. However despite their poor upbringings were self-made millionaires. Both lived alone, due to the fact they had been so focused on their careers, but were at a point in their lives were the hard work was paying off.

It was approaching 5am and the sun was rising before they realised how long they had been talking. Katie ended the evening laid in Joshua’s arms whilst they watched the sun rise. It was the most romantic night Katie had ever spent with anyone.

“I’ve had the most amazing evening with you Katie, and I can’t remember the last night I laughed so much, thank you. If it’s okay with you I’d love to see you again.” Said Joshua, gazing into Katie’s blue eyes.

“Well, I’ll tell you what, why don’t we meet up in Sheffield, since we both live there? I would love to see you again too.” Answered Katie. “Here’s my number, give me a call when your back and we’ll get together.”

“I would love that” Said Joshua, as he leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. Katie was filled with warmth.

The next day Katie boarded the plane with a smile on her face. This was exceptionally unusual, given that when she normally left Mustique she was filled with sadness. But realising she had met this kind and wonderful person filled her with a warmth she had never felt before.

The journey home was long, and her mind was racing with plans for the new Business Academy and visions of her own island.

Months passed by when she returned to Sheffield and with no word from Joshua. But plans were developing so fast over on the island of Bellus, as she had named it. Before she knew it, it was time for her to move over there once and for all. She had her future students briefed and ready to travel over for the Business Academy, all was going to plan just as she wished. But since leaving Joshua, she felt as though a part of her was missing. Katie never dwelled too much on emotions; it just wasn’t something she looked too much into. So she continued to stayed focused and move on with her planes for the Business Academy.

With her bags packed and ready to take to her travels, she decided to pop into the local coffee shop before the long drive down to London. She ordered her usual skinny latte over the counter and took her usual position on the comfy leather sofa in the window. Taking time to reflect on the journey her life was about to take her on, she heard a familiar voice in the background ordering a “grande cappuccino”. The voice she heard filled her with warmth, comfort and a sense of content.

“No, it couldn’t be” She muttered, as she turned around to check it was him. There stood Joshua. “Shall I go over?” She pondered. Being the gutsy girl Katie was, she thought “What’s the worst than can happen?”

“Hey, Joshua..”

“Oh my Goodness, Katie” Joshua answered with the biggest smile on his face and a happy glint in his eye. “I’m so sorry I didn’t call, I left your number in Mustique and had no idea how to contact you.”

Joshua’s words were music to Katie’s ear.

“Really?” Answered Katie.

“Yeah, after that night we met, you’ve been on my mind. Do you have time to catch up?”

“Joshua, I would really love to, but I have to drive down to London. I’m off to Mustique to develop my Business Academy, remember I told you?”

“Of course I remember. Actually I’m due to meet with my friend in Mustique next month, would you mind if I popped over to see you?”

“That would be really great.”

On the long drive to London Katie’s head was filled with the thoughts of that wonderful night in Mustique and how she laughed. That one night, she felt so complete. Despite all her business successes and triumphs she had never felt this way before. As she drove, tears filled her eyes, and her chest ached unsure whether she would see Joshua again. Scared by her overwhelming emotions, she wiped the tears away, opened all the car windows and put the radio on. “What will be, will be” She shouted at the top of her voice and carried on with her drive.

As soon as Katie arrived on Bellus things were crazy busy. Every day since arriving her days were filled with inducting students, arranging transport for the tutors, general maintenance and before she knew it six weeks had passed.

It was a warm evening and the sky was filled with vibrant colours as the sun was setting. Katie sat out on the pouch of the beach house were she lived, when she noticed a mule coming up the drive. “Can’t I be left alone for one night?” She said as she unfolded her legs and put down her glass of wine. As she looked up to see who it was, there stood Joshua.

“Oh my gosh, you came” She ran into his arms. This time Joshua took the opportunity to kiss Katie on the lips. It was the most amazing first kiss she had ever experience, his lips were so soft and tender and as he cupped her face with his strong hands she was filled with a feeling of safety and security and an awareness that this man would never hurt her like so many had in the past.

That night Joshua and Katie spent the night together under the full moon that filled the sky like a lantern, and the stars twinkled in the sky like diamonds. It was the most perfect night of her life.

In the following months Katie and Joshua spent everyday together developing Katie’s Business Academy and laughing till they had hick-ups! Joshua decided to extend his stay out on the island to spend every minute he could with Katie. They shared such beautiful memories together walking the beautiful white beaches and swimming in the deep seas of Bellus.

It was drawing close to Joshua leaving and time for him to head back to Sheffield. The thought of leaving Katie filled him with dread. He had met his soul mate and didn’t want to spend any time away from her. It was then he before decided he wanted to be with Katie for the rest of his life and therefore decided that he would stay there on the island with Katie, forever. There was nothing waiting for him back in Sheffield and he knew this is where his heart was. Thrilled at the idea, Katie suggested Joshua build his music studio on the island, that way he could continue to do what he loved.

Within a few months Katie and Joshua married. The day of the ceremony was so beautiful. They were married on Marconi Beach of Mustique on the same spot where they had met months previous and were joined by many close friends. The celebrations were joyous and continued for many days.

“Life is so perfect Joshua, I never want this to change.” Katie said as they lay in bed with her hand on his chest and her body wrapped so tightly in his arms.

“Me to gorgeous, I love you” He whispered back.

Life was fantastic on Bellus. Joshua was writing some of the most beautiful songs he had ever written, and Katie was fast developing the Business Academy helping young entrepreneurs from all over the world. Until one morning…

“JOSHUA” Screamed Katie. Quickly running into the bedroom, Joshua was greeted with a funny stick thing in his face.

“What is it? Pull it away from my face.”

“I’m pregnant.” Replied Katie.

Unsure what to say, Joshua slumped on the bed. “What? I’m going to be a dad?”

“Looks that way!” Answered Katie.

Overjoyed at the news Joshua picked Katie up in his arms and spun her around shouting


“Life really doesn’t get better than this, I love you so much” Joshua said as he put Katie down remembering she was carrying his child and he had to be delicate with her.

So happy and thrilled at the news Katie decided she would go for a run. Katie loved to go running and there was a brilliant route she had asked Philip to build when he was making the island habitable. Her route was a mixture of hills and winding roads overlooking the ocean and glorious views the island had to offer.

As Katie sat on the porch of the beach house, putting on her trainers she looked up, and looked at the ocean. “Life really is amazing” she thought to herself admiring the emerald green ocean and beauty of the green trees and the multitude of coloured flowers surrounding her.

“Joshua, how long do you think till I’m too big to go running?” Katie chuckled to herself.

“A few months yet, babes” He answered as he walked out to join her on the porch and kissed her on the forehead. “You’re going to look beautiful carrying our child, now go for your run so we can call your family and tell them the good news.”

Katie had run three miles before she stopped to take in the sights of the island. She reflected on how far she had come since those dark days of her childhood and her eyes filled with tears. But these were tears of joy and happiness. “Who would have thought it, me, a girl from Sheffield would own her own island and married to the most wonderful man?” She put her earphones in, giggled, shook her head and bent down to tie her shoelace that had come undone.

As Katie bent down she didn’t see the delivery truck coming up the road. Albert was a local from Mustique and delivered food to the island every week. Concentrating on tuning in the radio he didn’t notice Katie. Before Katie could do anything she was struck by the delivery truck.

Katie was killed instantly. Albert immediately leaped out of the truck to see Katie laid there lifeless. He ran back to the truck to grab his phone. In disbelief at what had just happened he rang Joshua.

“Joshua, quick, I have hit Katie with truck and she isn’t moving.”He said in his strong Jamaican accent.

“What? Where are you?” Answered Joshua, frantic with panic.

As Joshua approached the hill, he saw Katie, his beautiful wife and the mother of his unborn child laid there covered in blood in Albert’s arms. He stopped the mule and ran over to her, but it was too late she was gone. Joshua screamed a soul shattering scream. All that he loved was laid there in his arms. Only a few minutes ago he had seen her smiling and so happy and now, all that he had ever dreamed of had vanished. Tears rolled down his face. He lay with Katie until the ambulance arrived. The crew did everything within their power to save her but it was too late, Katie and their unborn baby were gone.

In the following months Joshua spent his days locked away in the precious beach house that Katie had built. Joshua never came to terms with the loss of his wife and his unborn child. But there was one thing that kept him going, although the time spent with Katie was cut short he was so happy that he had met her and they had shared the best memories together. Memories he would cherish for the rest of his life.