Hi, I'm Kym....

I'm a passionate entrepreneur from Sheffield with a zest for life and a need for cheese!

I don't take life too seriously, act silly and my favourite quote is "If life was simple it would be boring!

I'm currently on a mammoth mission to experience as much of the world as possible. Back in August 2010 I sold my much loved publishing company, packed my larger than life rucksack and set sail.

My adventures take me through Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa), India and Australia.

I love to write, adore reading, love a good giggle watching my favourite tv shows and obviously travelling.

My favourite food is CHEESE, and my favourite drink is Champagne.

But my biggest love is dogs - all shapes and sizes. In my spare time I love nothing more than blowing away the cobwebs with a early morning run.

If you aren't already, why not join me on Twitter or Facebook.

Or simply get in touch via email: kymhall@hotmail.co.uk


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