Got Something Nice to Say?  


My Mum always used to say to me:

"If you ain't got anything nice to say Kym, don't bother saying anything at all?"

So on the other hand, when people do say something nice I think you should appreciate it.

So, this is my page of appreciation to all the people who have said nice things about me recently.

Thank you. x 




"You have an incredible personality. Very refreshing and an inspiration to others. Hope you plan on speaking publically about your journey."


PiP Associates (Profit Improvement Programmes


"Kym, you really inspired me this weekend. I didn't want to gush in public but you're pretty phenomenal. Your writing is amazing!"

Antonio Spinozzi
The Colour in Between

"I can not think of a more dedicated and hard working individual."

Brad Burton

"Kym has always gone that extra mile and always delivered excellent results, her work is exceptional."

Simon Ayres
The Milestone

"Kym is both professional and great fun to be around."

Eliot Kennedy
Steel Works Studio

"Kym always works to the highest standards and her dedication and delivery is unequalled to anyone I've ever met."

Darren Crookes

"Kym is a great ambassador for NewsQuest and I wish her every bit of success in the future."

John Lee
NewQuested Ltd

"Kym your one in a millon and what you are leaving is not a group its a legacy. Well done for building one of the most successful groups in the UK. You have done it here, you can do it anywhere. I second Brad and will confirm we got your back no matter what you choose to do with your life. You have become a great business colleague and a very good friend, forever. I wish you all the best in your journeys and ask that you stay in touch. Please be safe and never forget us or that 4N is waiting for you."

 Jon Hilton

Pulse Rate Training


"Awww Kymbo, you made me cry today!  I owe you so much - in February you persuaded me to come to a 4N breakfast at the Quadrant, Sheffield and I loved it!  Signed up immediately and can't imagine life or my business without the fun, support and most of all business that 4N has brought me and my company."

Victoria Roberts

Star Professional Solutions




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